Neu How to import articles in the right categorie with JTL ant?


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18. September 2020
Hey everybody,

At the moment I m looking for the best way to import my .CSV containing all the information of my articles I had in my former warehouse system (with this information: IDnummer, Artikelname, Warengruppe) , into JTL Wawi with JTL Ant. Of course I'd like to put all my articles in the right category. Before the import, I created all the categories in JTL Wawi in a "tree" like this:

I also created multiple warengruppen to link them with the right categorie.
Is there a way for me to assign my articles contained in the .CSV into the right categorie without having to re-edit my file to create new fields like "Kategorie level 1;Kategorie level 2;Kategorie level 3" for each article because I have more that a hundred thousand of articles... I had a look on documentation but Im a bit lost at this step...


12. Oktober 2016
hi there @Sportshop961 and welcome,

just attach a small sample file here in the post and maybe someone can help faster.

To find out exactly how to export and import, you can always visit our well detailed JTL GUIDE.
If it is easier to see the imports and exports by watching a video, you can also visit our Youtube channel and watch the different functions in a Youtube video.

If you have further questions, just write here again.

regards Mike


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22. Juni 2011
If you have a export from your old system and there are cats inside, you could just use search/replace in your csv file.

In your original csv is:
tennisshoe_bl_45 / tennis shoe

Then just search for "tennis shoe" and repalce with Tennisschuhe (your new cat name).

For the correct names in JTL, just export from the ant all cat-names, then you have them for the search/replace
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