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14. Januar 2022

a quick issue with JTL Wawi and Easy Auction.
We have dual VAT numbers for 1 company. A DE and CZ VAT number, and 2 warehouses respectively.

- We want to send to Amazon that an order is fulfilled from DE or from CZ, but Wawi can not recognize that for some reason. It ships orders by default from CZ. This is considering FBM orders only.

When an order is shipped manually in Amazon, you can choose the destination it is shipped from. But from Wawi, we can not setup this.
Our shipping template in Amazon has a DE warehouse selected, orders to be shipped from DE has a DE VAT selected and there is a default warehouse for DE stored products setup as well. But Wawi can not set that an order is being shipped from DE, not from CZ. Which has an obvious impact on VAT calculation on Amazon. So basically, how can we setup that an order is shipped either from DE or CZ and it is synced properly with Amazon, so that VAT is calculated afterwards as it should.

Any help will be appreciated. :)

Kind Regards
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