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18. September 2019
Hello everybody!

I can not solve the problem with saving the template for "Auftrag".

I have my root template with logo and footer in the folder "Beleg Verkauf" then i have a template in "Rechnung" folder and everything works good. But if i trying to edit the template in "Auftrag" after restarting the system my changes are gone, in the root folder i receive new template automatically. What i'm making wrong? the video from my screen is attached.

Update: If i exit from the app with Start > DatenBank everything is saved then.

This a basic feature to save a file, WTF JTL? Really Angry :mad:

Update2: Also, if after editing and saving and closing the app with a Start > DatenBank you open your old Auftrag, you will also lose your changes, you need to create new auftrag and open it, than new changes will be applied and saved. This is how it's should not work! Please fix this BUG!

Ps. We are spending hours to customize the templates, and save everything and then all the changes lost! Only idiot can create such a crazy saving process. After clicking on the save button everyone expect that the file is saved!
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Rico Giesler

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10. Mai 2017
After changing and saving an document should not close the list of templates with the X in the top right corner.
You have to use "OK" in the template list to save it correctly.