1. Neu Transferring the customer account credit from shop to JTL WAWI

    Hello Patrick, I have created the credit to a customer in JTL WAWI it's working fine. I need help updating the credits to the customer from JTL Shop to JTL WAWI which means when I create or update the values (credits) in the table "tgutschein" it needs to sync with JTL WAWI. Is it possible? and...
  2. Neu Transferring the customer account credit from shop to JTL WAWI

    Hello Patrick, Thanks for your response. "Account credit" means Increase credit for online shop (Guthaben für Onlineshop erhöhen) . If I change prepaid credit to the customer in the "tkunde" table column of "fGuthaben" it will reflect in the online shop. Please refer to the below...
  3. Neu Transferring the customer account credit from shop to JTL WAWI

    Hello team, Hope all are doing well ... :) We have one problem with customer account credit. The customer account credit did not transfer from the shop to JTL WAWI. We need to increase or update the customer credit on JTL WAWI from the JTL shop. Can you please...
  4. Beantwortet Regarding JTL workflows and customer sync

    Hello everyone, I have synchronized the registered customer details in JTL WAWI but I couldn't see the customer details in the JTL WAWI customer tab. But the shop database table ("tkunde") and the column "cAbgeholt" value updated as "Y". My questions are: - When the customer...
  5. Neu Refund / returns in JTL WAWI

    Hello everyone, We have a situation where we want to offer refunds/returns in the payment plugin/extension for one of the payment gateway in JTL Shop. We have almost referred/searched in every setting of the shop, but we could not see an option to refund or to initiate a return for the orders...
  6. Neu JTL Shop5 - HandleAdditional function not working

    Hello All, Good Morning ... I have added the <Addition Old Plate> in the info.xml file. The payment form has been displayed on the additional page after the payment method selection but when I give the return false in handleAdditional () function did time...
  7. Neu Reg: Rental products price change

    Hello All, Now, I need some information from your side. For my rental products online shop, need to change the price for a product based on the rental periods chosen by the customer on the products page (amount change based on per day) and the updated price will need to handle at the end of the...
  8. Neu Adding Js and Css in adminmenu

    Hello team, Good Morning ... :) can you please let me know how can I add JS and CSS files for the backend process in my payment plugin? If add Js file on the backend template file then the contents of another tab are hidden. Thanks in advance.
  9. Neu Google Shopping - How can set export value for color, size, gender and age_group

    Hello All, Can you please let me know how can I set the value name in google shopping for color, size, gender, and age_group for variant products? and also got the issue for the variant main product it also requires the same. which value type need to set for these fields because I...
  10. Neu Variant creation with swatches

    Hello all :) I've created the variant for a product with swatches type but I got output in my Onlineshop like the below image. can you please let me know how to resolve the issue?
  11. Neu Cross selling with variation product

    Hello team, I have created the cross-selling articles for the variation product. If I add the cross-selling product to the cart it not added to the cart it will be redirected to the continue shopping page. Please give your feedback on the issue. Thanks in advance :)
  12. Neu Create or update the special price in database directly

    Hello Mr. Enrico, Sorry for the mistake. I have changed some values in the database. I need to display the correct value in the shop again from JTL WAWI and so, I resync the JTL WAWI with shop again but, the original special price is not updated in my shop. Can you please let me know the steps...
  13. Neu Create or update the special price in database directly

    Hello Team, If I change or create a new special price for a product via jtl shop database it will be displayed on the shop frontend but, if I sync with JTL WAWI the special prices are not updated or created for the product. Can you please give a solution to the question.? I need to...
  14. Neu Woocommerce to JTL Shop migration

    Hello Everyone, Is it possible to migrate the entire woocommerce shop to JTL shop? any plugins are available for the migration ? or part of migration available for moving articles, customer, orders like that? Thanks in advance
  15. Neu API notification JTL WAWI to Shop

    Hello Team, I have used the woocommerce connector plugin in JTL WAWI. Is it possible to send API notification to shop (woocommerce) while generating / downloaded the invoice pdf in JTWAWI ?
  16. Neu How to connect example connector plugin to JTL wawi

    Hello Team, I have downloaded the example plugin in GitHub ( How to connect this plugin in JTLWAWI? Can you please give your feedback?
  17. Neu How to override cart value?

    Hello team, I need to change the product price before putting the product into the cart and also need to display the updated p [rice in the cart page. Which field I need to change? Can you please give your feedback? Thank you very much...:)
  18. Neu How to change cross selling product price?

    Hello everybody, can anyone explain it to me or give documentation? I need to change the original product price for a product if the product in the cross-selling block. for example, if the original product price is 10 euro then I need to change it to 5 euro in the cross-selling block...