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  1. Neu Variant creation with swatches

    Hello all :) I've created the variant for a product with swatches type but I got output in my Onlineshop like the below image. can you please let me know how to resolve the issue?
  2. Neu Cross selling with variation product

    Hello team, I have created the cross-selling articles for the variation product. If I add the cross-selling product to the cart it not added to the cart it will be redirected to the continue shopping page. Please give your feedback on the issue. Thanks in advance :)
  3. Neu Create or update the special price in database directly

    Hello Mr. Enrico, Sorry for the mistake. I have changed some values in the database. I need to display the correct value in the shop again from JTL WAWI and so, I resync the JTL WAWI with shop again but, the original special price is not updated in my shop. Can you please let me know the steps...
  4. Neu Create or update the special price in database directly

    Hello Team, If I change or create a new special price for a product via jtl shop database it will be displayed on the shop frontend but, if I sync with JTL WAWI the special prices are not updated or created for the product. Can you please give a solution to the question.? I need to...
  5. Neu Woocommerce to JTL Shop migration

    Hello Everyone, Is it possible to migrate the entire woocommerce shop to JTL shop? any plugins are available for the migration ? or part of migration available for moving articles, customer, orders like that? Thanks in advance
  6. Neu API notification JTL WAWI to Shop

    Hello Team, I have used the woocommerce connector plugin in JTL WAWI. Is it possible to send API notification to shop (woocommerce) while generating / downloaded the invoice pdf in JTWAWI ?
  7. Neu How to connect example connector plugin to JTL wawi

    Hello Team, I have downloaded the example plugin in GitHub ( How to connect this plugin in JTLWAWI? Can you please give your feedback?
  8. Neu How to override cart value?

    Hello team, I need to change the product price before putting the product into the cart and also need to display the updated p [rice in the cart page. Which field I need to change? Can you please give your feedback? Thank you very much...:)
  9. Neu How to change cross selling product price?

    Hello everybody, can anyone explain it to me or give documentation? I need to change the original product price for a product if the product in the cross-selling block. for example, if the original product price is 10 euro then I need to change it to 5 euro in the cross-selling block...
  10. Neu Displaying categories in JTL onlineshop

    Hello team, Is it possible to add small icons in front of categories via JTL WAWI or the template file? If yes, can you please give documentation? Thanks in advance.
  11. Neu Update Bundle Article Price Dynamically in JTl-Shop Session till thank you page

    Hello All, I have a requirement for changing the bundle article price dynamically based on the end-customer choice currently I have shown the checkbox and can recalculate the amount but I don't find any hook or similar to update the actual price temporarily for the customer till thank you page...
  12. Neu Article Attribute settings

    yes, This setting is also set in my system but the setting was not displayed
  13. Neu Article Attribute settings

    Hello team, In JTL WAWI, the article attribute import process the setting was not displayed. Can you please let me know fixing the issue.
  14. Neu After order synchronization system inactive in JTL WAWI

    After syncronization the order in shop to JTL WAWI the synchronization window is not closed.Please give your suggestion for the issue.

    If i create a multiple articles in wawi. Is it possible to show the articles through slider in shop home page? please give your valuable feedback.
  16. Neu Multisite connect with JTL shop

    Hello all, Is it possible to connect multisite with JTL shop? If it is possible, kindly give your procedure for how to do this in my jtl shop. Thanks in advance.
  17. Neu Refund Process - JTL WAWI

    As per your given link the order available in the invoice correction window. If i created a invoice and make a invoice correction (nothing to be changed) then click the finish or save button the open amount value go...